Life Group Bible Studies  

"Day after day, in temple courts and from house to house, they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Christ"  Acts 5:42

Life Group Bible Studies are an integral part of our ministry at Amazing Grace. We firmly believe that people grow in faith through the study of the Word in Community. This happens in several ways:

Community – Life Groups help people connect and be a family of faith
Growth – Life Groups help people grow as disciples
Service/Missions – Life Groups help people discover and use their gifts individually and as a group
Witness – Life Groups help people learn to share their faith in everyday life
Worship – Life Groups help people to surrender their lives (which is worship)

We invite you to experience what the first Christians experienced 2000 years ago by joining one of our Life Groups, whether or not you are a member of our congregation.  


Sunday 9:15am:  Adult Bible Study in the Worship Center.

 Led by Pastor Rockey.  Just started:  unChristian-What a new Generation Thinks about Christianity...and Why it Matters".  The truth is, the unbeliever knows more about what Christians are "against" than what we stand for. Many have rejected the faith because they see it as hypocritical, uncaring, anti-homosexual, sheltered, too political and judgmental.  We could shrug our shoulders and ignore this, but many of us would be turning our backs on are family and friends.  They may have turned away from Christianity, but Christ has not turned from them.  


9:30AM Wednesday Morning Men's Group:

Led by Bill Donaldson.  Studying "A Study on Heaven".  They meet at Bonifay Country Club in The Villages. 


7:00 AM Thursday Morning Men's Group: 

 Led by Pastor Rockey every Thursday morning at Amazing Grace Lutheran Church.  Currently studying Thessalonians-Living in the Light.