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"The Story" Study Gateway!!!

We are excited to offer you this innovative online service as our gift to you!!

Those registered for The Story can get free access to a new streaming video Bible study tool, Study Gateway (Link below). Amazing Grace Lutheran Church wants to do all we can to help you grow in your faith. When you have provided your email address on The Story commitment sheet, you will receive an invite to the Study Gateway via your email.

Study Gateway provides access to The Story video for each of the 31 weekly lessons & access to the adult curriculum study guide for all 31 weeks. If you are not able to attend a session, you will be able to study on your own with this online resource.

Study Gateway offers more than The Story, the website brings you thousands of video sessions covering topics like discipleship, marriage, parenting, leadership and many more.

And the best part is, you can access Study Gateway on any computer, TV or mobile device...anytime, anywhere.  (click on link below for instruction demo)




10/2                                                            INTRODUCTION

10/9        01 - Creation                                  GOD CREATE AND LOVES

10/16       02 - God Builds A Nation             GOD PROVIDES

10/23      03 - Joseph                                  GOD HAS A PURPOSE

10/30      04 - Deliverance                          GOD SAVES

11/6         05 - New Commands                  GOD GUIDES OUR LIVING

11/13        06 - Wandering                            CHOSING A PATH

11/20       07 - The Battle Begins                 FACING THE OBSTACLES

11/27       08 - A Few Good Men                  STAYING ON THE PATH

12/4         09-  Faith of Foreign Women       CLAIMING THE LOST

12/11         10 - Standing Tall, Falling Hard     WHO IS THE LEADER

12/18        11-  Shepherd to King                    THE UNEXPECTED LEADER

1/8/17       12-  Trials of a King                        THE IMPERFECT BUT                                                                                                 FORGIVEN LEADER

1/15          13 - King Who Had It All                THE WISE BUT DISTRACTED                                                                                           LEADER

1/22         14 - Kingdom Torn in Two             THE RIPPLE EFFECT OF A                                                                                                     BAD LEADER

1/29         15 - God’s Messengers                  AMOS AND HOSEA

2/5         16 - The Beginning of the End        ISAIAH

2/12         17 - Kingdoms’ Fall                         JEREMIAH 

2/19         18 - Daniel in Exile                          DANIEL 

2/26        19-  The Return Home                    REBUILDING THE TEMPLE

3/5         20 - Queen of Beauty & Courage   STRANGERS AT HOME

3/12         21 - Rebuilding the Walls                HOMECOMING

3/19         22 -  Birth of a King                         BIRTH OF A KING

3/26         23 - Jesus' Ministry Begins           SCARY GOOD

 4/2         24 - No Ordinary Man                     IN THE FLESH

 4/9          25 - Son of God                             WHO IS JESUS

 4/16         26 - Hour of Darkness                  THE WORST DAY EVER

 4/23        27 - Resurrection                          LAST DAYS NEW DAYS

 4/30        28 - New Beginnings                   THE WORD SPREADS

  5/7        29 - Paul’s Mission                        TO THE ENDS OF THE                                                                                                              EARTH

  5/14       30 – Paul’s Final Days                  TO FACE THE CHALLENGES

  5/21       31- End of Time                             THE LAST WORD



HOW DO I PARTICIPATE?    Pick up a book, fill out the card, leave it in the basket and start reading. The card helps us to know who is participating and it gets you signed up for emails.


WHAT DOES IT COST?    We ask that you donate to cover the cost of your books. If you cannot, we want you take books and participate anyway! 


DO I HAVE TO ATTEND CLASS?     No. You are welcome to read along, but you are encouraged to connect with one of the worship or Bible Study opportunities. If not face to face, check out the StudyGateway.


ARE ALL OF THE ADULT CLASSES THE SAME?    No. The Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday “classes” are video based and focused on themes connecting to our lives. The Sunday School, taught by Pastor Rockey, will dig a little deeper. You are encouraged to attend one of each!




WHY WILL IT TAKE SO LONG?    There are 31 chapters covering 66 books of the Bible.