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8 Questions God Can't Answer

Jesus’ principal teaching style was to ask questions, all designed to transform our faith. He was and still is a God of few easy answers. Join Pastor Jack as together we unpack eight pointed questions posed by Jesus in the Gospels – questions God can’t answer.

The World of the Messiah

This Sunday morning Bible Study dives deep into how the world looked when Jesus was on the earth. Culture, religions, politics, law, and so much more had an impact on how people lived and how they responded to the Son of God. You will always walk away knowing something new! Open to all who attend AGLC.

Women's Study - 1, 2, 3 John and Jude

Women of Grace is a wonderful group of AGLC women and friends that focuses on prayer and fellowship as well as study. They dive into God’s Word each week and learn not only what it says, but how it applies to daily life. Join them as they begin this new study, and bring a friend!

Men's Study - The Parables of Jesus

he Wednesday Men’s Bible Study meets almost every week of the year, and also includes Zoom for those unable to attend in person. The group averages 25 to 35 men from various churches who want to share their beliefs, further enhance their knowledge of scripture, and share fellowship with other Christians. The group includes men who are beginning their journey with scripture to those who have attended seminary. The group is ever changing and has met for almost 9 years. The current study of the book of Joshua will continue for the next couple of months. They sometimes enjoy a Bagel breakfast or luncheon. Attend our study as a regular member or just as a guest. You can also just show up on Wednesday!

Summer Study - Navigating Change

Change is inevitable - we experience big and small ones every day, and occasionally earth-shattering changes come into our lives. Sometimes we grow impatient waiting for change. Some folks love a fast pace and lots of change. Others are unnerved by change and want things to stay the same. Wherever you are regarding change, it IS inevitable, but how we react to it and process it is up to us. How do we process change in the light of knowing God’s character and in the light of Scripture? Join with us this summer as we explore the challenging idea of change! If you need to miss a week for travel, it’s okay. All are welcome!

Men's Study - "Jesus Said What?!"

This men's bible study focuses on some of the challenging statements of Jesus and invites us to understand them rather than pass them by as "difficult". All men are welcome!

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